Cheryl Walters

Marketing, Communications & Brand Executive

Accomplished leader with extensive experience ​driving impactful global and regional omnichannel ​B2B and B2C marketing strategies to scale within ​multiple industries that deliver measurable and ​sustainable results while building team capabilities ​and collaboration.


My expertise includes managing top internal teams and agencies and building highly ​successful campaigns for major global and regional organizations. Here are just a few of ​the key skills I can bring to your team:

  • Extensive Experience: Over 14 years leading B2B and B2C digital and social media ​marketing campaigns, with a focus on major IT, Energy, Pro Sports, and Higher ​Education clients, including seven years of agency work.
  • Proven Track Record: Successfully launched high-impact GTM brand campaigns ​across the Buyer’s Journey that consistently exceeded KPIs, delivered leads, and ​leveraged customer intelligence to boost revenues. Demonstrated ability to minimize ​competitive pressures and enhance customer brand preference.
  • Strategic Management: Proficient in managing full-stack campaigns aligned with ​customer-centric content and business objectives. Quick adaptation to various ​subjects, adept at building strategic relationships across all organizational levels.
  • Financial Acumen: Effectively managed multi-million-dollar budgets and delivered ​innovative campaigns spanning the entire customer journey.
  • Global Perspective: Leveraged international experience, having spent childhood in ​the Philippines, worked in Tokyo, Japan, and managed products and technologies ​globally. Led marketing initiatives for a global German company across 14 locations, ​and collaborated on launch projects in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia for Shell, showcasing ​a nuanced understanding of diverse business cultures.

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I enjoy cultivating and leading high-performance teams, driving organizational brand and market standing to new heights. My expertise ​​encompasses various hard and soft skills, from integrated marketing campaigns and customer retention to team leadership and ​strategic planning.

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Below are the results of recent personality testing* on my work behavior, communication style, and approach that distinguish me professionally:


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People Oriented


Principled individuals hold ​themselves and their work to

a high ethical standard, ​demonstrating integrity in the ​way they conduct themselves.

  • They do what they think is ​right, even if it is not as easy ​as other options

  • They usually opt for the ​morally-sound choice in ​any decision, particularly if ​it aligns with their personal ​or their company values

  • They prefer honesty and ​transparency

  • They have a strong sense of ​right and wrong and can ​exercise judgment based ​on it

Highly Adaptable people tend ​to be flexible and open-minded ​towards any range of situations ​they may face at work. They are ​open to change and can adjust ​themselves or their work ​depending on the situation.

  • They are comfortable ​working in unfamiliar areas ​and are not thrown off by ​new or different ​circumstances

  • They can accommodate ​different perspectives and ​points of view

  • They are open to feedback ​from others and are ​capable of switching gears ​when needed

People-Oriented individuals are ​able to read others and relate to ​them. They have intuitive social ​skills and take a great interest in ​those around them.

  • They have large networks ​and find it both easy and ​natural to form relationships ​with colleagues, clients, and ​acquaintances. They tend ​to act as a connector ​between people in their ​networks

  • They are empathetic when ​it comes to others' needs, ​and make an effort to help

  • They are understanding ​and tolerant of others; they ​respect different workstyles

Those who are highly Strategic ​tend to take a long-term ​perspective, defining their end ​goals and the plans needed to ​achieve them. They can see the ​big picture and act with purpose, ​even in conditions of uncertainty.

  • They can reflect on a wide ​array of information and think ​clearly about the best ​direction forward

  • They are capable of ​articulating and expressing a ​vision or mission for the work ​they do

  • They pay attention to patterns ​and changes, evaluating ​information and recalibrating ​their plans as needed



June 2022 | October 2023

Vice President of Marketing

As a pivotal leader in the marketing department, reported directly to the CEO, steering the company's strategic evolution from an Oil & Gas-​centric focus to targeting an additional 12 industries. Led the conception and implementation of an in-depth customer persona study, ​ensuring precise alignment of messaging with the unique needs of distinct segments throughout individual buyer journeys. Initiated a pivotal ​corporate brand archetype program, establishing a unified messaging approach and cohesive company tone of voice to instill alignment ​among employees with a shared vision. Spearheaded the design of the award-winning website,, recognized with the prestigious ​2023 Acquia Engage Award for Best Data-Driven Customer Experience.

May 2019 | June 2022

Head of Global Marketing & Communications

Elevated organizational capabilities at Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies by leading the seamless implementation of marketing automation, ​website CMS platform onboarding, Sales CRM system integration, video production capabilities, analytics measurement, and digital content ​platforms. Pioneered and executed groundbreaking Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiatives, significantly enhancing operational ​efficiencies across production facilities' customer-centric and business operations.

July 2014 | February 2019

U.S. Commercial PC Digital & Social Media Content Marketing Manager | December 2016 - February 2019

Pioneered the holistic development of a strategic social media foundation for the US Commercial PC team within HP's Business channels. This ​involved onboarding an award-winning agency, spearheading key audience profiling, defining the brand voice, managing a multi-million dollar ​budget, and formulating an overarching media strategy for several product lines. Simultaneously, orchestrated a targeted content strategy ​mapped across customer journeys with the primary objective of amplifying brand recognition and enriching sales enablement.

U.S. Commercial Mobility & Services Product Marketing Manager | July 2014 - December 2016

Formulated and executed digital and direct marketing strategies at HP precisely tailored to align with sales enablement objectives and broader ​business goals. Nurtured strong alliances with key partners, including Microsoft, Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm, negotiating impactful monetary ​and product support agreements. These collaborative efforts not only enhanced product offerings but also fortified marketing initiatives, ​contributing to a dynamic and strategic brand positioning.

October 2012 | July 2014

Global Social Media Project Manager

Drove the optimization of Shell's global social media communication strategies across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Created and delivered ​comprehensive training to the global content manager team, empowering them to adeptly conceptualize and execute impactful campaigns ​while overseeing the management of a globally synchronized content calendar. Assumed leadership of all visual and video assets, as well as ​messaging, for the significant milestones achieved globally, including the noteworthy milestones of 2M, 3M, 4M, and 5M Facebook Fans. ​Ensured a compelling and consistent brand presence, crafting engaging content that resonated with the audience.


Blue Background. Technology Blue Concept Business.


Increase in qualified

leads through email ​campaign implementation

Blue Background. Technology Blue Concept Business.


Boost in LinkedIn followers ​in 9 months with new ​content strategy

Blue Background. Technology Blue Concept Business.


Incremental revenue with

quarterly ROI of 25:1


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Multi-Industry Marketi​ng Management

  • Customer & Market Segmentation
  • Paid Ads & SEO
  • Sales Enablement & ABM
  • B2B & B2C Product Marketing Strategy
  • Omni-Channel Media Strategy
  • Event & Campaign Orchestration
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Business Growth & Process Improvement

  • Budget Responsibility & Management
  • Corporate Rebranding
  • Digital Transformation
  • Board & C-Level Presentations
  • Mergers & Acquisition Integration Support
  • Industry Research & Analytics
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  • Internal Communications & Branding
  • Team Leadership
  • Vendor Onboarding
  • Employee Engagement
  • Cross-functional Collaboration
  • Strategic Partnerships


Susie Cavazos, CRO


“Cheryl and I have worked together for ​many years at both Stallion and HP, with ​me as an agency partner. She has ​always been very passionate about her ​job and works tirelessly to be successful ​in developing a wide range of marketing ​and digital assets.. Cheryl is very ​supportive of the team that works with ​her, wants them to succeed and she ​gives every job 110%. As an agency ​partner, Cheryl is dedicated, available ​and realistic in her expectations and ​trusts her partners to recommend the ​right direction to meet her goals. ​Personally she is energetic, positive and ​I value our relationship very much.

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Sha​un Stracener, VP IT

Stallion Infrastructure Services

“Cheryl is true talent! She is a strong ​creative leader with a ton of passion and ​enthusiasm. She knows how to execute ​and always comes through when tasked ​with different levels of challenges. I have ​seen her knowledge and expertise ​firsthand as she spearheaded and ​championed a digital transformation and ​a major rebranding for this 20-year-old ​company, unifying three distinct brands ​under a new company name.

I hope to have a chance to work with ​Cheryl again in the future.!

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Chad Tons, CEO

Infinity Marketing Team, LLC

Cheryl is one of the most dedicated, ​passionate and creative people I’ve ​had the honor to work with. Her ​strategic views and innovative vision ​have led to award winning campaigns ​such as HP’s Festivalization at ​Coachella and Panorama.

Whether it be evolving strategic ​partnerships with organizations like ​Cheddar TV or enhancing sales leads ​through unique platforms such as the ​HP-Intel Healthcare and Security ​Habitat Road shows, Cheryl continues ​to have her finger on the pulse of ​‘what’s next.’

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Helen Deian, Mktg. Manager


“It’s been an absolute pleasure to have ​worked with Cheryl Walters at the Shell ​Social Media Center of Excellence. Cheryl ​is extremely intelligent, efficient, creative ​and savvy in all aspects of traditional and ​social media marketing. She approaches ​projects with energy, passion, and ​openness to understand the business, the ​objectives to be achieved, and how to fully ​maximize unique opportunities within the ​social media space to generate additional ​value. I admire Cheryl’s work ethic, ​extensive expertise and constant desire to ​stay current in this ever-changing digital ​world. She is insightful and experienced ​and last, but not least, the most giving ​team member to have on your team and ​an absolute joy to work with. She is a ​treasured asset to any team!

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Western Washington University

Bachelor of Science, Visual Communication

University of California, Berkeley

Executive Certificate - Digital Transformation

making a difference


Marketing, Communications, and PR Advisor to ​FoodRecovery.Org, a national online platform ​connecting organizations with extra food to ​communities in need, focusing on ​sustainability by diverting edible food

away from landfills.


Volunteer to 18 local and national ​organizations within our community through ​the Cypress Belles Chapter of the National ​Charity League. Served on the Board as

VP Communications for four years.

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